About Me

Dina Marie Makeup is an on-site beauty company founded in 2009 by Dina Marie. Dina is a licensed master cosmetologist with over 15 years of experience. 

Originally from Georgia, she moved to Las Vegas in 2022 and re-established her makeup business.

She has provided makeup and hair services for various clients, weddings, special events, and commercial projects. Her passion for beauty began when she wanted to model at the age of 14. At that time she stood 5’1″, therefore her modeling career could never happen.

Through that disappointment, she realized her passion wasn’t in modeling. It was the way the models looked after they prepared for a shoot. The makeup, hair and clothes models wore always intrigue her. So she started doing her own makeup and hair to imitate those models. After awhile, family and friends saw her talent and began asking for her to do their makeup and hair. But due to her young age, school and life in general, Dina was not able to pursue a career in the beauty world.

Fast forward to 2004, Dina decided to go after her dream and entered cosmetology school. In 2005, she graduated and earned her master cosmetology license. Since then Dina has gone from working with top photographers and talents to establishing Dina Marie Makeup, LLC.

Dina’s attention to detail and flawless work has made her one of the most desired artist for weddings and events in her area. Doing makeup and hair for a person’s special day is a real passion for Dina. But how each client feels about how they look, is what she loves the most. She believes when you look good you feel good and having confidence in yourself is powerful. Dina’s vision is to continue to help people feel good about themselves through beautiful makeup and hair for many years to come.